Frequently Asked Questions

City Drugs is a privately owned pharmacy, established to meet the growing demand for quality intake, management and dispensing of medications for complex and chronic conditions. We are licensed in multiple states and our experienced clinical team provides superior medication support services across many complex therapeutic categories.

City Drugs’ primary focus is to provide superior patient support services and tools to help patients achieve the best clinical outcomes. Some of our services include:

  • Prior Authorization Support
  • 24/7 Clinical Counseling, in the case of emergencies
  • Financial Counseling and Co-Pay Support
  • Patient Education and Training
  • Convenient Delivery and Refill Options

We work with a wide range of insurance providers, including Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid. If you are currently covered under a health plan, please contact your health benefit provider to inquire about eligibility.

City Drugs is licensed to dispense medications in multiple states. We also provide a full range of services to patients locally and nationwide by phone. Please contact us for additional details.

Many pharmacies do not have access to or stock medications for chronic or complex conditions. City Drugs will either have these medications in stock or can access them quickly so patients do not experience unnecessary delays in starting therapy.

Our staff will complete a benefits verification before transferring the current prescription records(s) to another pharmacy. We will work with the patient, healthcare provider, insurance and the new pharmacy to ensure a seamless transfer.