Drugs and Conditions

Drugs and Conditions

City Drugs is committed to enhancing the clinical outcomes of patients with chronic, complex conditions through our high-touch medication and patient support services. We realize each patient’s needs are unique and therefore treatment is tailored to each individual patient. Our clinical staff has experience treating a large breadth of specialty conditions utilizing the most effective therapies available.


City Drugs provides quality intake, management and dispensing of medications used to treat chronic, complex conditions. Our clinical team has extensive knowledge of specialty medications and is adept at counseling patients on side effects or other concerns.


City Drugs’ clinical staff has a thorough knowledge of Specialty conditions and therapies used to treat patients with chronic, complex conditions.  Some of our clinical staff even hold accreditations in Specialty Pharmacy from the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP). City Drugs is committed to providing specialty patients with the best possible care and outcomes.