High-Touch Patient Support Services to Optimize Outcomes

City Drugs is committed to providing patients with the best possible experience and enhancing clinical outcomes through our comprehensive breadth of medication support services. We are committed to providing patients with the support they need, when they need it most.

Our Approach

At City Drugs, we understand that each patient’s needs are unique to their particular therapy or condition. Our clinical staff tailors our services to meet these individual needs, ensuring every patient achieves the best possible outcomes and a positive patient journey.

Patient Advocacy

At City Drugs, we understand the unique difficulties in managing patients with complex or chronic conditions. That is why is our highly trained pharmacists, reimbursement specialists and patient care advocates handle all aspects of our patients’ medication support including coordinating with doctors and insurance companies to obtain medications quickly and seamlessly, while always maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Financial Assistance

City Drugs’ reimbursement specialists help ensure patients start and stay on therapy. Our experienced team has the knowledge of financial resources available to patients, such as co-payment and financial assistance programs and is adept at navigating complex payer environments.


City Drugs makes refilling your medication easy and simple. Our staff will provide you with a reminder call when it is time to refill your medication or you can simply call our pharmacy to initiate a request. Patients can also send a request to refill their prescriptions though our website or patient application.


Our clinicians and pharmacists have experience with all major specialty medications. Our pharmacy stocks most medications so that patients do not experience unnecessary delays when starting therapy.


Our compassionate clinical staff provide a patient-centric focus and superior medication support services across specialty wide range of therapeutic categories. Our staff is available to support and educate patients on their complex or chronic conditions.

Patient Safety and Privacy

Our highly skilled pharmacists and clinical staff provide ongoing communication with patients and providers, disease/medication education and training, side effects assessments, and adverse events monitoring and reporting to maintain patient safety. Our staff also abides by HIPAA guidelines and policies at all times to ensure confidential patient information is safeguarded.

If you have any inquiries that we were not able to satisfy, you may contact our accrediting bodies the Joint Commission and URAC.