Collaborative Care for Enhanced Outcomes

City Drugs understands the importance of a competent and compassionate team to make a difference in the lives of patients. Our knowledgeable management and clinical team of professionals closely collaborate with our healthcare partners to develop custom clinical-driven solutions which enhance patient outcomes and help contain costs.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

City Drugs develops custom clinical protocols and tools to increase compliance and adherence to therapy. We partner with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to tailor programs which meet your needs and increase brand loyalty, while enabling enhanced clinical outcomes.

  • Custom Solutions
  • Data Reporting
  • Agreements
  • Clinical


At City Drugs, we understand the difficulties in managing a chronic or complex condition. Our custom clinical protocols and programs help ensure patients start and stay on therapy as prescribed, resulting in better outcomes and cost benefits to Payers.

Health Systems

City Drugs’ unique state-of-the-art Manhattan location enables us to foster many deep and collaborative relationships with major academic centers, hospitals and other medical institutions throughout the Northeast- setting us apart from other Pharmacies.