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We are a BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy established to meet the growing demand for quality intake, management and dispensing complex medications.

City Drugs has developed expertise and many deep and entrusted patient and provider relationships. We are licensed in multiple states throughout the country.

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At City Drugs, we understand that managing a complex or chronic condition takes a commitment to high quality patient care. Our pharmacists, clinicians and reimbursement specialists are well-trained in complex disease states and can help you better manage your condition by providing you with high-touch and high-tech medication support services, educational tools and the patient care you deserve.Learn More »


Our many deep, entrusted healthcare provider relationships set us apart from other Pharmacies. City Drugs is a valued partner to your physician practice or institution. We provide a comprehensive breadth of high-touch medication support services such as prior authorization support, to help ease your office administrative burden, so you can spend more time caring for patients.View More »


At City Drugs, we understand the difficulties in managing chronic and complex conditions. Our custom clinical protocols and programs help enhance patient adherence, resulting in cost benefits to Payers.View More »


City Drugs develops custom clinical protocols and tools to enhance patient adherence. We partner with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to tailor programs which meet your needs and increase brand loyalty, while enabling enhanced clinical outcomes.View More »

High-touch and high-tech patient support services.

City Drugs’ utmost priority is to enhance the patient journey during therapy and to deliver the best possible clinical outcomes. Providers and patients have come to rely on our highly experienced reimbursement specialists and clinicians to provide a comprehensive patient support services while maintaining complete HIPAA compliance.

Prior Authorization Support

Our reimbursement team is well trained in the ever changing world of insurance company requirements and works with payers, providers and patients to navigate the prior authorization process.

Clinical Counseling

A full medication review is conducted upon onboarding all new patients and clinical assessments are completed at key points in therapy. Local patients can meet with a clinician privately at our convenient Manhattan location, or our team of multi-lingual clinicians can be reached 24/7 in an emergency, via phone.

Financial Counseling and Co-Pay Support

Our reimbursement specialists provide additional support to patients who may not have adequate financial means or insurance coverage, including referrals to manufacturer sponsored and other patient assistance programs.

Patient Education and Training

Patients receive product and/or disease specific information from our vast array of resources to help educate them on their disease and therapy. One-on-one medication injection training is provided to patients with self-injectable medications, at no charge.

Convenient Delivery and Refill Options

Flexible delivery options include local pick up at our New York location or free delivery to the patient’s home or place of work. Patients receive refill reminder calls when it is time to refill their medication and may elect to initiate refills via our website or patient application.